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A Dream of a Week ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

It's been a good week for Puddle Creatures. We were plugged on local radio - Suffolk Sound -

and are selling in several shops - including Waterstones. You can of course buy from the website, or - of course - directly from me if you see me, and I'll be doing more personal appearances in the New Year. You can download from Amazon for any device, and there's a special offer on the download coming up next week, just before Christmas - but; you can't beat having the feel of a beautiful book in your hands.

There's an exhibition of the artwork coming up soon at a gallery in Woodbridge, Suffolk, where Suzie Minshaw will be exhibiting more of her gallery paintings, and I'll be there too at some stage to talk about how all this came to pass.

And on the subject of talking, listen up for a plug on BBC local radio soon, and I'll be posting details of a podcast shortly.

It's been all go - no time for new poetry this week - and very sad to note the passing of Benjamin Zephaniah yesterday; a poet who's been a constant throughout my life, and came across to me as the finest of human beings. R.I.P. Benjamin.

I'm always grateful to hear from you, so, do get in touch - all reviews and criticism gratefully received - book 2 is in the works and you may be able to improve, or speed up, my output with encouragement.

See you on the bridge.


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