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Puddle Creature's Christmas Poem

Santa sat upon his sleigh, shining in the snow

And as the seconds ticked away, he called "3 -2 1; Go!"

Then Rudolph ran and Prancer pranced; 

Blitzen blitzed and Dancer danced

For they had mile on mile to go

Up and down, across the globe

Racing, racing Father Time

Across the International Date Line

North to South; West to east

Pulled by 9 great flying beasts

With compressed presents by their zillions

Delivered to children in their billions

In one great rush of heavenly flight

And arriving magically overnight

Each of which contains a smile

To light the faces - child by child.

And on the hour of twenty four

The sleigh returns to its snowy store

The elves unlace old Santa's boots

And he'll relax - back again at his roots.

"Another year; a new day -

Let's put all this stuff away"

And slowly till next Christmas Day

He'll top-up the sleigh on festive cheer

The spirit will build throughout the year

Ready to turbo-charge 9 great reindeer

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