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What’s a Puddle Creature?


Every little girl and every little boy

Isn’t just a new born bundle of joy

Coz every little boy and every little girl

Brings something special into the world

Not just their looks, or smiling face

And not just their cooing in your embrace

There’s a secret only some of us know

That for 9 months, as they began to grow

They weren’t alone in that time of nurture

Their hand was held by their puddle creature.


Now, they grow into this world

And day by day their lives unfurl

Some are quick, some are slower

Some are weak, some with power

But they all are born as two –

What do you mean by this – ‘As two?’

They weren’t alone, and some still see

The creature in birth with you – and me.


The good, the kind, the loving and giving

Can see their special friend still living

For, as they grow, they learn to see

And talk to their friend in nightly dreams

They travel in a night-time land

To friendly places, and shifting sands

Where fun, and laughs and happy scenes

Are brought to life from things unseen

By them sometimes, because the features

Created by their Puddle Creatures

Arise from the best of what’s been had

In times gone by of their mum and dad


And so, they see and hear great things

Great music and imaginings

Things from past and faraway

Lost within the DNA

From gran and grandad, handed down

And, within a dream, whirled around

Until a creature gives it light

And paints new pictures, in the night


For that is what your thoughts become

Transplanted from a dad and mum

Into the child and then like a teacher

Given life, in dreams by your Puddle Creature

So, where will you venture next?

To the land of your favourite text?

Toyland? Neverland? The stratosphere?

Check-out that raindrop; is your creature here?

a puddle creature
a puddle creature
a puddle creature
a puddle creature


There's a Puddle Creature born with every child, so, where's yours?


Once upon a time, as a baby, it held your hand as you were born.

It connected with you telepathically, swimming out with you as you emerged on Earth. It shared that link with you until you "tuned out."

You see, that's the problem; you human babies grow up! 

You get distracted, learning to do too many human things like walking, talking, playing with others. Then, you forget about us Puddle Creatures.  

We try to keep in touch, but most of you lose the link with us

- apart from some very special kids.

We take our name from the first word sound you make.


Me? I'm Onky. Pleased to meet you.

What? Not impressed with the name?

O.K. - I didn't choose it; it was the first word sound made by Christy.

Who's Christy? He's the boy I was born with. 

We were linked telepathically until he started growing up.

We had loads of fun in Dreamtime, until he tuned out.

But, here's the thing - he's my "vivus", and I stayed around a while, hoping to reconnect. And so it was - one day, when he was having a hard time, he heard me again!

We reconnected.

I come from the fluid that bore Christy.

I share his DNA

I am the fun and laughter

Of every happy day

Enjoyed by his Mum and Dad

And every ancestor he had

I focus on their music and fun

Going back, since time had begun

I am the joy of being alive

And I make it all survive

For my vivus - Christy -in his dreams

I can take him anywhere

And anywhen, it seems


Who's your Puddle Creature? I know it's out there somewhere.  Maybe in the wetlands of Aquis, where we aspire to go. Let me know it's name - I'll go looking for you. Maybe we can bring it back - and in your dreams see, hear and feel all the fun you and your kin used to have.


In the meantime, I'll tell you a little more about Christy and me, and post a few illustrations you might like. Feel free not just to follow me, but get in touch and I'll reply if I can - but, if I'm too busy, I may have to reply to you in your dreams :-)

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