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Puddle Creatures

I am The Concept.

I’m nothing new.  I’m old as Man and Womankind. I’m old as water – where we all bubbled up from, millions and squillions of years ago.

In the beginning there was earth, water, fire and air - and

Puddle Creatures!!

a puddle creature

The Concept

The boss has been pushing me for 25 years – “Go!  Get out there!!  Spread the word!”  He works me hard, when all that we Puddle Creatures want is to have a little fun. He’s pushing me; pushing me – so, now, I’m out there – see my pictures? Full frontal and full throttle!

The boss says I can’t just interact in dreams; I’ve got to do it online – be a Cyber Creature!  I’m not so sure, but, here I am – giving it a go.  I’m putting myself out there.  And now, I’m an Instagram Creature!

Hope this is the start of something big.  Follow me!  Check out my website too for news and pictures as we head towards publication of the Puddle Creatures book.  We’ll have links here too that you can follow – it’ll be fun.  It’ll be great! 

The Concept is moving onwards and upwards. 

Follow me here and follow us in your dreams!

See ya later!

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