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Book Signing Session

Come along if you can to The Burrow, in St. Mary's Street, Bungay, Suffolk on Sunday 3rd December. I'll be there at 1.30 to meet and chat about all things Puddle Creatures.

Sunday is the annual Christmas Street Market in Bungay and the place is usually thronging with people visiting the main street, which is full of market stalls with locally produced goods, food and craft stalls, and with street entertainers.

Head to The Burrow, which itself is an Aladdin's cave, full of unique crafts, gems, books - and ecologically sound recycled goods - all ideal for Christmas gifts. The "Green" aspect of The Burrow makes it well worth everyone's support.

My book is for sale there, on special offer, and I'll be delighted to sign one for you. If you've already bought one and would like it signed, or to talk about the idea behind Puddle Creatures - and where it's likely to go next - come and say "Hello" - or "Trenches!"

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