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Come on - who needs A.I.?

A.I.? The Puddle Creature’s view

You need no A.I. to reach the sky

Need no A.I. to fly

Need no I.A. with me today

Need no I.A. to play

It’s so artificial, a technical issue

Need nothin’ like that I say

Need only to dream – to picture the scene

Of what’s in your mind today

So don’t be deluded, precluded, excluded

By thinking it’s important

There’s no artificial intelligence to be found in any puddle.

So,don’t think of the google coz the stuff in your noodle

In your dreams’ll help you to doodle

What’s in your head when you go to bed

There’s nothin’ more clever than your grey matter

So ignore all that conspiracy chatter

Dreaming’s beneficial and there’s nothin’ artificial

And before your thoughts all scatter

Think it through next time you hit the sack

Then sleep your dreams with me, coz I’m back!

I’m your Puddle Creature

I’m reachin’ out to meet ya, and I’m the real deal

So A.I? I.A? No way, Jose

Heard it first here – with me – and I’m your Ray,

Gotta go way, and,

There’s nothin’ artificial for you here for today

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