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We're here for the child in you.

Puddle Creatures by Ray Hopkinson



landing on

the Puddle



What are the

chances of that?

We're here for fun, music, laughs and adventure.

We're here to lead you to your sweetest dreams.

We can't make them come true, but,

we can make your dreams seem real.

Now you're here, follow me and learn all about me and my friends.

a puddle creature
a puddle creature
a puddle creature
a puddle creature
a halloween illustration from the book Puddle Creatures

About the Book

This fantasy, to be enjoyed by adults and children alike, is a fantastical, moral tale of a 9 year old schoolboy and his friends who find the ability to share adventures within dreams, thanks to discovering their Puddle Creatures.

A Puddle Creature is born with every child – sharing their DNA, and the lifeblood and memories of their parents and ancestors. As the child grows, most lose their ability to communicate with their Puddle Creature, except for a few gifted children – strong-willed, but honest and decent at heart, and full of the joys of life.

This introduction to Puddle Creatures sees a boy, Christy, find his Puddle Creature after being unfairly accused of wrongdoing. The Creature becomes his Dream-guide; takes him on endless dreamtime adventures; helps him bring his friends into his dreams, and, also finds a way to clear his name – all set against a backdrop of novel characters, with a poetic and musical backdrop.

The book will ignite memories of dreamy schooldays for adults, and night-time adventures for children, because, at heart, we all need a Puddle Creature.

a scene from the book Puddle Creatures

The Puddle Creatures!

the puddle creatures

The superb illustrations here and in the Puddle Creatures book were given life by Suzanne Minshaw.  She read the manuscript only once and brought my characters to life perfectly, just as I imagined.  Obviously, she's in contact with her Puddle Creature!  She lives and works in Oulton, Suffolk, U.K. where she is a painter, illustrator and designer.  It's been great working with her to produce these images and you can see further examples of her brilliance on her Facebook pages - "Suzie's Britain" - and her gallery artwork on the Facebook page "Pathways Gallery."

"This is one of those books where you just don’t wish to reach the end. Full of adventure - and morals too - it makes for a great bedtime read for parents and young ones alike. 

I loved it!"

Kevin Esplin BDS Lds Rcs Dgdp Rcs 

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Puddle Creatures

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